Intuitive healing begins in one’s heart. By clearly recognizing and understanding one’s fears caused from past traumas, the heart is able to experience more freedom of expression and openness with others.  This technique directly affects the body’s ability to heal itself of physical and emotional limitations, therefore, ultimately it is you who heal yourself.  



As the only certified practitioner in the State of Hawaii I also offer sessions for clients who are able to come to my office and long distance healing by phone.  






      • Physical Changes:  Increased metabolism, improved immune response, helps break the cycle of self-perpetuated illness & suffering.
      • Emotional Changes:  Reduces stress and anxiety, allows you forgiveness, helps strengthen self-esteem; helps you have the courage to maintain an open heart, helps reduce anger and frustration from being abused or controlled.
      • Mental Changes:  A more relaxed, positive attitude, higher self-awareness & creativity, creating healthier patterns of thinking, greater degree of clarity, helps overcome procrastination.
      • Social Changes:  Improves communication & relationship skills, helps overcome invalidation from others, helps transform feelings of shyness or social unease, helps break the attractor field which draws troubled men or women.

I practice the art of compassionate listening. I am also a trained certified mediator for the State of Hawaii. My skills can help you make difficult decisions or cope with stressful situations you may be going through. After many years of using my intuitive skills and professional training I can help you over the phone. Please schedule a call with me for excellent advice on any situation you may be dealing with. I am confident I can make a difference in your life.

Learn more with a FREE consultation.  Contact me at (808) 283-1806, or by email at clearlightbysally@gmail.com.  

1.   A fifteen minute session by phone consisting of heart healing activation only. ($25.00)

2.   A thirty minute session by phone including my heart healing activation and short discussion afterwards. ($45.00)

3.   A one-hour session by phone including my heart healing activation and a more in-depth discussion afterwards. ($80.00)


Heart Healing Energy

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