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Did you catch the MOMENT or did it pass you by Because your mind took you to places where SORROW resides? 




I am Sally, founder of CLEAR LIGHT.  Thank you for your interest in my services.

I was born in a small town in Maine to a lobster fisherman and a teacher. But as a small child my mom remarried an MIT-graduate physicist who moved us to Upstate New York and then our growing family to Wisconsin.  Our lives were completely changed by her choice to remarry.

After graduating from high school I moved to Miami, Florida to attend college and then to California to join a ‘Fourth Way’ school for spiritual development where I remained for 20 years.

I presently live on the island of Maui in a remote area of the North Shore.

Through life experiences, I have been able to explore attitudes and behaviors of people living in different parts of the world, which has strengthened my understanding and given me clearer insights into how family background and where one is raised continues to significantly impact one’s life.

My work as a healer began with experiences which caused me to question different aspects of life. I consider myself a seeker of truth and have had a lifelong aim of gaining more clarity of why we are here.

The ability to understand myself and others has not only been a passion of mine, but also a guide in making sometimes difficult life decisions.

Living my life in this way has given me an understanding of my inner wisdom that has helped me understand we all hold a higher purpose for being here and this is the way to find peace within oneself.  red palms

I have used my healing gifts on people and animals most of my life. As a small child I would go outside and find sick or dying animals, bring them home and try to heal them.

I would spend lots of time by myself in nature and even now prefer to be in the stillness provided by nature as I believe this brings one more in touch with one’s true nature.




Today, I use the same healing skills and intuitive wisdom. My intuitive heart healing provides emotional healing of the heart so my clients learn to access their own inherent healing abilities.


Please Contact Me to learn more about my services at (808) 283-1806 or by email at clearlightbysally@gmail.com


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