Intuitive Heart Healing

heart shaped flower finalIntuitive heart healing helps one explore the depths of one’s heart to get clearer on what’s needed for a healthier emotional life.

I will use my intuitive gifts so you can gain insight on what’s needed for you to move forward.

Heart healing uses a higher frequency vibration that allows the mind to settle down to access a deeper part of oneself, beyond judgments and fears to be able to receive the right answers.  The more you can be in this energy the clearer you will become.

I am also a trained certified mediator for the State of Hawaii. My skills can help you get through difficult decisions to make and stressful situations you may be going through. After many years of using my intuitive skills and training I can help you over the phone. Please schedule a call with me for excellent advice on any situation you may be dealing with.


Learn more with a FREE consultation.  Contact me at 808 283-1806 for more information about my services.  

Disclosure:  I am not a certified healthcare professional.  If you are suffering from an illness that requires diagnosis or care please seek the help of a professional in that field of expertise.

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